OA Section Head

Matthew Alford (

CASPO Division Director

Matt Mazloff (


Anne Footer (, Chief Admin Officer (CAO) – Oceans and Atmosphere Section
Supervision and leadership for CASPO administration, Human Resources (Academic/Staff), Financial, Space Management, Facilities, PI Exceptions, Advance Approvals, SIO and UCSD Campus Liaison, general Policy and Procedures, Internal Controls, Proposal and Award Negotiations, NOAA Cooperative Institute (CIMEAS)

Fiscal Management

Andy Koudriavstev (, CASPO and OA Section Fiscal Officer
Supervision of finance and operations for CASPO and OA Section. Differential income, banking, PI start up funds, budgeting, financial reporting, GCCP, UC Path review, default reviews

Proposals and Pre-Award Administration (

April Fink (, Manager, CASPO Pre-Award

Barbara Heironimus (

Fund Managers and Post Award Administration (

Scott Calderon (
PIs: Johnston, Purkey, Roemmich, Rudnick, Russell, Zilmberman; IDG recharge facility, IDG and LDL recharges

Dee Chieng (
PIs: Becker, Cornuelle, Gille, Gopalakrishnana, Mazloff, Prather, Ricke, Sprintall; Funding and closeout notifications, active and closed award SS

Lourdes Escamilla (
PIs: Centurioni, Evan, Hormann, Lankhorst, Lutsko, Send; LDL recharge facility

Josh Hufziger (
PIs: CW3E – Cannon, DelleMonache, Oakley, Pan, Ralph, Subramanian

Felmar Mationg (
PIs: Cessi, Eisenman, Frouin, Lubin, Somerville, Young

Megan Morn (
PIs: Barnett, Carnevale, Cerovecki, Benmahrnia, Gershunov, Roberts, Salmon, Swift, Talley

Margarita Ochoa (
PIs: Flatau, Levy, McClean, Norris, Sugihara, Werner, Xie, Zhang

Sean Pfiefer (
PIs: Cayan, Miller, Ramanathan, Straneo; CW3E support

Human Resources

Kharyn Loteyro (

Diane Boomer (

Mark Plummer (

William Goetz (

Faculty Assistants

Natalie Price (
travel reimbursement, equipment inventory

Tomomi Ushii (
travel reimbursement


Will Rivera (
Building maintenance requests, building access, office-lab assignments and access, furniture


Mark Plummer (

April Fink (


Natalie Price (